We Understand ‘The Power Of Woman’.

We are fully aware of the power that women wield which, regrettably, many women do not realise. We have made it our endeavor to help women realise their own strength and realise their full potential through the following programmes.

We have empowered 1,570 Girls aged between 8 to 16 years through Self-defence training. We are promoting Digital Literacy work in 73 villages. Assisting the 713 SHGs for the fund management for the emergency and future security. We are involved in Leadership Programs especially designed for women.

We are also running awareness programs aimed at bringing girls/women back to school. Till now, with our encouragement, help and support, 2,318 housewives have already enrolled in Class X and XII.

We have also been running legal advocacy workshops to make women conscious of their own identity, place and rights in the family through our Legal Advocacy workshops. We take pride in the fact that thus far we have made our contribution to enlightening and empowering around 13,750 women and this number is on the increase every day.

We have focused on bringing about the empowerment, through bringing about a change in women’s mobility and social interaction as well as helping them access and control the various resources. Our efforts are also directed towards bringing about more power in decision making by imparting education. We also promote self-employment through various self-help groups. We also offer platforms for the sale of various local artefacts made by women, along with helping meet their basic rights like nutrition, health, sanitation, housing among other things.