Putting Roof Over Heads Who Need Them The Most

The basic amenities that every individuals deserves and should get, irrespective of their gender, economic status or age is a home. However, the sad reality is that a major population of elderly people, single women, widows and children do not have a roof over their head.

We are working to create and donate homes for this homeless population. Our disaster-resistant construction is suitable for various geographical regions and has been designed to last for decades. We are focused to provide these homes to as many people as possible.

Hope Homes is the name of an initiative designed to let these hopes prosper, utilizing the revolutionary Earthbag technology. This technology is truly a blessing for those who always fear that their homes will never be safe. Through this technology we look forward to impact the lives of these people in a positive manner. The idea is to give them a sense of security through a symbol; their own home. Once they know that their home will survive all problems, they will feel secure.