Facilitating Health Services And Proper Hygiene

Any society is formed on a basic thing; the right for all humans to have a good life. One of the biggest requirements for it is proper health and hygiene. Unfortunately, in our country it is a struggle for a large amount of population to still access the right form of health services and proper hygiene is still an issue for them.

Sum Drishti is participating in the vision of a healthy and well educated community. Our efforts are focused on helping them through productive measures. For this, we have undertaken various steps.

We help perform medical check-ups of children and women, poor and vulnerable population. We are also offering the counselling for social safeguards of children and women and the underprivileged. We are involved in preventive health check-ups and distribution of medicines along with the organisation of camps for health awareness. Another step we have taken is the installation of vending machine for distributing Sanitary napkins and Construction of more than 370 toilets in schools. We also campaign for composting and better waste disposal.