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Safety is the condition of being protected from danger, risk or injury and it is one of the most essential things to develop in a country. Great people say that safety of the people must be the highest law. Staff at Sum Drishti is working hard to established safety and security for all in our society as well as our country. Social safety refers to being safe with the surrounding people. Strong and powerful, social safety knowledge can protect us from physical or emotional violence, sexual abuse, kidnapping etc. Powerful safety skill can build our life to be more comfortable and enjoyable.

Sum Drishti has built an NGO to develop powerful safety skills so that they can protect themselves and be confident in their lives. We provide many skill trainings for women empowerment as well as youth employment. As a result of this, they are able to maintain their livelihood and necessities independently and risk of being unsafe will be reduced in the society.

Proper education will help them to maintain safety and security in their lives and they will be able to establish a better future for them as well as the country. Staff at Sum Drishti always seeks to do its best to provide safety measures to the people where ever and whenever necessary.

Sum Drishti has adopted features to ensure genteel safety which includes pick up and drop services by cab for our women staffs, while they are travelling at late night for their duties or returning home after them. We have installed CCTV cameras at our all working places and our women staff members for training other women are engaged in their services.

Youth Empowerment Skills

Through our child education scheme, we want to bring high-quality education and ensured safety to as many children as possible to create a culture of respect, safety, confidence and kindness for everyone, everywhere.

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