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Our Team

Dr. Siya Seth

She has worked over 20 years in training, skill development and corporate networking. Her work mainly focuses on health education, gender equality, women led development, and preparing women entrepreneurs.
She is also an “Education startup venture” specialist having 4 major educational brands under her credit.

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Mrs. Madhuri Menon
Head CSR

She was in-charge of Management Services that comprises of Industrial Engg. Deptt., O & M deptt. and activities relating to promotion of Quality Circles and 5S movement in Bhilai Steel Plant. Her up and close involvement with employee activities like QCs, Value Engg., 5S etc. and has the massive benefits that can be harvested through employee involvement.

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Mr. Abhishek Shukla

He oversees operations and new opportunities for the organization. He takes care of planning and implementation of multiple projects in different states. He requires to set the implementation guidelines, finalize the project team and track the progress of the projects.

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Dr. Zahoor Bhat

He takes care of Project evaluations and assessment of results. He organizes and guides project operations throughout the course of the project. He is managing and leading the project team and monitoring project progress and performance in real time.

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Mr. Devesh Kulshreshtha

He provides the high quality reliable data to support the organization with regular timely and accurate updates, statistical analysis and management reporting.
He is responsible for creating and managing the various databases used by the organization.

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