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SUM DRISHTI emphasizes on the development and improvement of women by the implementation and execution of various kinds of projects. The idea of these projects are based on education and skill training of women and youth, who have a nimble mind and earnestly want to do something for them and their families. SUM DRISHTI has taken several skill development initiatives to help them to earn their essential livelihood and lead a dignified as well as healthy life confidently and independently. Due to poverty and lack of education, there are so many people, who are victimized by the social injustice and unemployment.

To generate employment and give a platform to the talented youth, we have launched Skill India Programme. Because of this, the economic condition of the people, as well as the country, will be improved. Men and women will be able to take decisions about their lives and build their self-confidence. We want re-growth of strength and lively support for equality of women.

SUM DRISHTI is doing various activities in different aspects and fields to contribute to the nation as a whole. We have started vocational education empower the people to make their career successful. There are many projects in India that we are handling like Shashakt Bala, Learn & Earn, Employment Linked Skill Training, Entrepreneurship Development Training, Gramin Kaushal Vikas Yojana, PMKVY, Skill Livelihood Promotion, Saksham Kaushal Vikas Yojana, Indigenous People’s Development Plan, Upgrading the Skills and Training in Traditional Arts/ Crafts for Development, Aajeevika Skill Development, Skill Development of Persons with Disabilities, Swachch Vidyalaya Abhiyan, smart agriculture and economical earthquake-resistant house.

soft skills training courses

By introducing all these projects, we are empowering a fresh generation of youthwho will be able to remain financially self-dependant and join the local governing bodyand alsotake care of their families and themselves. Our NGO works towards making a good environment in India, where education empowers  the women to build self-confidence and keep them away from victimization by the society. Our smart agriculture project will help to increase the quantity of food, so that problem of a scarcity of food in our country will be reduced and we can support the government to maintain health and nutrition for the citizen of our country.

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