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Our Approach

Sum Drishti has taken initiatives in various fields for the development of the society. Along with the new ventures and other programmes, we have taken several initiatives and our approach is to reach the ground level of empowering society and creating an impression about equality all over.

We aim for youth empowerment as it is essential not only for the national development of the whole country, but also for the personal development of an individual.

Empowered youth can realize the importance of the education and they can donate educational facilities to the society. Empowerment ensures that the youth has essential skill to sustain their livelihood confidently.

This will prevent them from adopting the path of crime. We also aim to increase the awareness of higher-paying job opportunities as well as the individual earnings and which will directly influence the economic growth of the nation.

We have taken initiative in new ventures and among them the major one is the programme of constructing earth bag house mainly in earthquake-prone areas in India like Uttarakhand, Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat. We have started our programme throughout this region. The making of earth bag houses is economical, easy, efficient and eco-friendly.

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