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Organization Overview

Education gives us the light of knowledge and develops our perspective and vision to help us build opinions. Sum Drishti Educational Society is a Social Welfare Organization. Without education, society as a whole would terminate. New societies would not come into existence and technology would not progress. Education yields a person with morals, skills, beliefs, and knowledge which plays a vital role in one’s life. So, we have established Sum Drishti Educational Society in 18 states in India and more than 125 vocational and skill training centres.

We have taken skill development initiatives through which personality development training modules are given, which will yield job opportunities as well as a genteel livelihood. Sum Drishti aims to make an umbrella framework to all skilling projects being carried out within the country. This will help to align them to common standards and link skilling according to the demand centres. Moreover, the policy will identify the different institutional framework to reach the expected outcome. Skill development increases employability and generates productivity to make the path forward for inclusive growth of the country. It also promotes entrepreneurship to create job vacancies for the skilled workforce. This enhances the supply of skilled labourers to encourage producers for undertaking their business initiatives in India. It also impacts on the National skill development in India. We provide vocational education, vocational training courses and soft skill training courses for the development of the society. Women empowerment strengthens the communities to focus on the creation of systemic and sustainable development.

Vocational Training Courses

Sum Drishti strives to give maximum mileage for the empowerment of youth and woman through its various skill and personality development courses and several corporate development programme with help of existing state-level resources and networks. It is true, that cognitive skill of the population is strongly connected to individual income, distribution, economic growth and also larger skill deficits that are found in developing countries. The skill development will assist to find the solution for filling the gap between the existing and future education, skill development in India and Sum Drishti is always working towards improvement of the society.

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