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A developing country like India has multifaceted problems in respect of growth and development. One of our major challenges is to fight against poverty. Quality of living standard depends on the purchasing power of the people. The sources says that approximately 30% of the total population in India amounting to 36 crore people are living below the poverty line. This means 36 crore people cannot spend Rs.27 in rural areas and Rs.33 in urban areas to buy two meals for a day for their livelihood according to the poverty line standard. The picture is horrible and shameful to the nation.

SUM DRISHTI has heeded it and deeply thought to initiate programmes that can provide the people minimum wages for at least two meals a day for a person. Working towards this goal, we have started vocational education such as hand embroidery, bamboo craft, garment making and, tie and dye etc. for the economically incapable people to provide them hands-on training to earn the minimum bread and butter.

We have also started the different project for the youth under skill development initiatives. Central, as well as state governments are initiating a different program to combat jointly and severally with the poverty. One of such initiatives is microfinance through self-help group (SHG).

We, promote SHG in rural areas by our training courses like Skill development in India, skill India program, youth empowerment skills, soft skills training courses, and skill training. The microfinance is a powerful financial supplement that plays the role of fighting weapon to alleviate poverty.

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So to change the livelihood and to come above the poverty line, one must have an appetite for earning money to spend on food and fulfill other necessities. SUM DRISHTI creates that appetite for earning by providing several programmes, which enable the people to take challenges to fight against poverty. As economic empowerment stabilizes the social status, it further creates approval of state politics to take part in growth and development. Therefore, our ultimate vision is to bring people from a have not state to an active economic participant so that they can add your potential to the nation’s GDP and thereby enhance their livelihood. To fulfill our vision, we have set our mission to provide all sorts of training and courses to prepare one to fight the challenges of unstable livelihood.

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