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Agriculture introduced the foundation for civilization and innovative agriculture could help to save it. The economy of our country is greatly dependant on agriculture. Monoculture of industry, farming methods for global food supply has grown rapidly. As a result of this, the fertility of the land is reduced and it also reduces the ecological balance and diversity in nature. Innovative farming or smart agriculture can save the world from this situation.

SUM DRISHTI has taken initiative newly for innovative farming or smart agriculture, which will cooperate with the farmer to grow crops with good quality as well as quantity.

SUM DRISHTI provides vocational education to give the knowledge of advanced technology in different fields so that they can get better opportunities to build their career successfully. Agriculture is the main occupation for the people in rural areas and their most important source of income as well.

Smart agriculture will help to manage the system of agriculture with respect to climatic change effectively. By the development of potential to increase the productivity and incomes of livestock, production and smart holder crops, the food security of the country will be achieved for present and future.

SUM DRISHTI provides new technological eco-friendly facilities to the farmer for the cultivation of organic and economical crops. At this, they can able to make good amount as well as good quality of crops.

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