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Women are being discriminated on various criteria all over the world rampantly and India, being a patriarchal society, is adept at victimizing women in all corners of the country. Most of the women are denied and are deprived of their basic rights which involve proper education, voting power, freedom of speech and an independent identity. But we, at SUM DRISHTI, believe in women empowerment and we have taken an initiative to engage women in activities that will help them in getting a stable and independent life. Our training will increase their scope of influence and will make them confident about themselves. We have several projects on this as well which help the women with their skill development.

The various vocational training programs that are conducted by us are another way of giving women the facilities they are denied. These vocational training are related to interior decoration, hair styling, nursing training, crafts work, tailoring, soap making, incense stick making etc. We are dedicated to make sure that every woman is able to achieve her full potential. We equip them with the proper resources and training that will give them access to better employment platforms. We strategically emphasize on giving women the gender equity they deserve by giving them proper education so that they can access sustainable livelihood opportunities.

Our efforts have one goal and that is, to build secure communities where all women and girls can live with dignity include the most marginalized communities. We help women with computer skills and other types of job training and counseling and also teach them the importance of financial planning. SUM DRISHTI believes in alleviating social injustice towards women and we have devised several comprehensive projects to achieve this goal.

Youth Empowerment Skills

When equipped with the proper resources, every woman can help their entire family overcome poverty and live a better life. We seek a world where there will be so signs of poverty or women abuse and where every girl child will be given the same rights as her brother. We look forward to amplifying the voices of women and to help them live a life of dignity. Stephen Covey says, “taking the initiative is the form of self- empowerment”.

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