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SUM DRISHTI has introduced various social development projects through which more than 30000 people have been benefitted. These projects have helped them to be progressive as well as productive. With the increasing population in India, employment crisis is one of the biggest problems. We have initiated the vocational training courses to generate employment for the people who have an agile mind of working.

The skill development initiatives have been attached to vocational education where courses are Zardosi Work, Chikankari, Hand Embroidery, Tie and Dye, Tailoring, Accounting, Mason, Electrician, Carpenter, Plumber Hand Embroidery, Bamboo Craft, Sculpture Designing, Beauty Stylist, Hospitality Assistant, Information Technology etc. We work on emphasizing the youth empowerment skills and help them to maintain the competitiveness through the career-specific education. It also develops the excellence inoccupations, which influences the social and economic health of the country. This also helps the youth to establish self-employment.

We have taken up projects to develop the sanitation condition of the rural as well as urban areas. These programmers’ are focused mainly on providing subsidies for the construction of sanitation facilities. We also prioritize on the awareness and intensive education to make the people understand about hygienic and safe sanitation. We have also introduced Self-Help Groups (SHGs) in the villages by making the financial intermediary committee.

skill development courses

With this, economically poor villagers get the financial strength. It also reduces the influences of informal money lenders on helpless villagers. SUM DRISHTI is endeavoring in improving the condition of women as well as economically unstable people by rendering several opportunities for skill development in India. There have been so many changes made in India, but a girl child is yet neglected and is being treated like a burden. We have developed a programme of NGO for girl child education so that they get the chance to build a quality life irrespective of gender. We support them all to be economically independent.

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