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Health is an important part of our life; it depends on sanitation and nutrition as well as. Proper hygiene, safe and potable water, and good health are the fundamental requirement of social and economic development. Health problems are increasing due to lack of awareness of hygiene, insufficient water supply and inadequate access to proper sanitation.

SUM DRISHTI initiates programmes and creates awareness about health and hygiene among the people to maintain the same at their houses as well as the surroundings of their locality. Due to poverty, many people in India are not able to afford well maintained and hygienic place for living.

There are more than 594 million people in India, who defecate in open space and do not follow the appropriate sanitation system. This leads to water as well as environmental pollution in our society. Moreover, this also leads to various types of disease-causing germs and affect the people, mostly the children, who have insufficient food, no proper nutrition or strong immune system.

Therefore, the infectious diseases like diarrhea, tuberculosis, pneumonia etc. affects these children easily. Being affected by these diseases, the children are not able to get decent education due to the breaking of health.

In case of school going children, weakness leads to dropout from school. Without education, they have to face poverty in future.

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SUM DRISHTI has initiated many campaigns as well as programmes like Swachcha Vidhyalaya in Telangana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh and constructed toilets under CSR. We have several initiative activities to create awareness about health and hygiene. SUM DRISHTI has made collaboration with the public-private partnership to improve drainage and toilet facilities and to create awareness among the people about the importance of sanitary product and their uses by starting an educational campaign within different places in India. The job opportunities we provide them will help them earn enough money to maintain their livelihood properly. They will maintain health and hygiene, proper nutrition and sanitation. This will help to develop the social and economic development of India.

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