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Education is an investment in the human capital. Education gains you knowledge and awareness through which you can earn money and stability in life. Education provides the strength to combat poverty and social injustice. For this motive, SUM DRISHTI has introduced the skill training to make the people self-dependent and innovative to our fast-pacing society. SUM DRISHTI provides vocational education that helps to build the career in a specific field like skilled trades, healthcare, cosmetology, computer networking, creative fields, food preparation, crafts and corner of various levels.

Vocational education creates the connecting link between the theory of education and practical working environment. Education aids the people to build a good future and a happy life. So many people in our country lack education to achieve this precious future. SUM DRISHTI has launched the skill India programme to give them an opportunity to make their life successful.

Youth is the power and working force of every country. We are able to make our country economically and spiritually strong by developing of youth power in our country. SUM DRISHTI has taken various initiatives to develop the youth power in India. We are providing vocational training courses and soft skill training courses for the people and trying to build various opportunities for a successful future. Communication is an important part of our life. By the soft skill training, they can achieve the knowledge about the modern technology and they can skillfully operate the modern tools. We have launched the scheme Seekho Aur Kamao. Here, we provide education to the people and help them to earn money and to lead their lives independently through this scheme.

national skill development mission

Thus, our project is not only limited within the economic growth and prosperity of the people, it also helps for manifestation of sustainable development of the nation like social growth, awareness among the citizen of the country, empowerment of the citizen in various fields, equality, social justice, development of the poor and backward people, women empowerment, development of health sector, preservation of human rights, development of job opportunities etc. Our aim is to develop our people as well as our country.

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