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Corporate Social Responsibility

Presently, an integral part of most of the businesses is CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) which is related to the improvement of the community and alleviation of poverty movement. A combination of finance and business including environmental, human rights and ethical standards is managed by CSR, which comprises of norms, policies, and standards. Sum Drishti created the strategies of CSR aligned with company’s values, expertise, stakeholders, expectations, products, and long-lasting impact that ensures effective implementation, which leads to enduring changes within the society.

Sum Drishti has built NGO in India to educate and build human values. And, girl child education appears as the key weapon towards the empowerment and development of women. As a result of this, the entire nation will be developed. The first teacher of a child is the mother and an educated girl initiates education to future generation. Sum Drishti plays a vital role to establish the coordination and convergence between rules of the government, objectives of the corporate business and need or the communities.

Today’s advanced and modern technologies are used in different fields and to operate the systems technically by skilled operators.

We have started soft skills training to make the efficient workers handle these systems. Sum Drishti provides vocational education and skill training for the minority youths, who drop – out their school or left out the mainstream, to give them a platform and employment opportunities. They can create self-employment and develop their chances of job opportunities in various fields.

women empowerment

Sum Drishti has introduced skill India programme for the skill development in India as well as development for youth empowerment skills so that they get a job and also develop entrepreneurship. Educational system can produce a literate, flexible and disciplined worker force. Education influences the human capital as a labour force, which increases the productivity of the labour and transitional development. It also increases the innovative capability of the economy; the new technological knowledge and the implementation of new technologies again to promote economic growth.

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