Vocational Education Training by Social Welfare Organization

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Vocational education includes the education which makes people efficient for doing various types of works. It is also called as career-oriented education or technical education. This training is essential for a specific vocation in agriculture or trade or industry.

We at Sum Drishti Educational Society (SDES) have established our presence over seven states with more than 125 centers for vocational education and training as well as the skill development. Our aim is to prepare people for a specific trade or craft which influences the Personality Development Programme by yielding opportunities for livelihood.

Reasons for making vocational training

  • Vocational courses are valuable to yield skilled persons for the future workforce.
  • Establish the creative outlet for the aspirants who have an interest in career-oriented specific education instantly.
  • Vocational Training courses provide helps in maintaining the perfect competitiveness through the provision for getting multi-entry and the mobility of standard job.
  • This training enhances the opportunities for employability by the development of Youth Empowerment Skills.
  • It develops the excellence of all types of occupations to establish the growth for the social as well as the economic health of our society.
  • It also gives the support to an individual to build self-employment.
  • It enhances the skill development in India offering the maximum mileage for the empowerment of the youth as well as the women through the various skill training courses, Soft Skills Training Courses, Vocational Training Courses etc.

Sum Drishti Education Society (SDES), a famous social welfare organization, provide vocational training for making the people financially independent. It also helps in breaking the poverty in the society, building the self-respect, getting confidence for winning the challenges to find out the better opportunities in life.

It makes the advancement of women which initiates the girl’s child education. We are also renowned for an NGO For Girls Child Education. When a girl of a slum area is able to establish a better socio-economic life, there is a great impact for the improvement of the perception of the girl child among her surrounding neighbors rather than hundred lectures or millions of pamphlets.

We also provide soft skill training courses which relate to the employee’s ability to establish social grace as well as communication abilities. It is essential for being successful in the workplace. The soft skill training includes different areas like problems solving, leadership and management, communication skills, time management, business etiquette, emotional intelligence, presentation skills, interpersonal skills etc.

How you can contribute to the social welfare organization

  • You can make a donation to Sum Drishti Educational Society (SDES) for running the Vocational Training Programme according to your wish.
  • You can make a sponsorship for a new Vocational Training Centre or contact us through our website address and join your hands with us for the development of our society.

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