Skill Up gradation Training Programmes for Livelihood Promotion

Skill Training Programmes

Skill Development in India is essential to stay with the rapid growth of the economy in the world. A huge amount of potential resource is needed to build up the ability to compete with the global workforce and to achieve the economic success globally in coming years. Due to this reason, the government of India along with big business houses and several NGOs are have started to take measures to gear up the skill revolution in India. They have launched Skill India Programme for the development of rural and urban people.

Objectives of the programme
There are so many objectives of the programme which has been taken as Skill Development Initiatives. Some of these objectives are:
• Enhance the empowerment of skills
• Build up the capability of the workers efficiently
• Support and encourage the entrepreneurship
• Introduce self-employment
• Create the opportunities for empowered people to build up their business
• Ensure better job opportunities
• Achievement of a new level of success
• Strengthen the economy of the country
• Make development of livelihood of the people
Activities of the programme
Some initiatives have been taken for the promotion of urban and rural livelihood in India. These are:

Skill Training: Agriculture-based skill training is considered as a part of the national rural livelihood mission in India. It helps the farmers to acquire the knowledge and skills for the improvement of the agricultural productivity. This training will provide them to apply the modern technology of the agriculture which will allow them to quality crops in a huge amount. As a result of this, they will be able to make potential earnings to improve their livelihood.

Training for women empowerment: Make the opportunities for education is the first thing to empower the women. This will affect not only a woman; it also affects their children and the surrounding environment. Education including technical and professional education will enhance the economic independence of the women. Women Empowerment NGO has taken an important role in the development of women in India. They provide essential equipment with the necessary skills to build opportunities for paid employment which results in the improvement of productivity, economic development, and improved income. All of these improvements will initiate a standard livelihood leading to healthier and well-nourished population.

Vocational training: A person can build the perfect skills and abilities to perform a specific job with the help of vocational training. Vocational Training Courses also provides the essential practical knowledge, guideline, and technique for the different types of fieldwork. It helps to improve the employment skills which are essential for getting the better job opportunities. It also supports to be self-employment and introduce the entrepreneurship. Vocational education will introduce more skilled workforce to innovate and build up the new ideas to combat the challenges and to make a powerful economic condition of the country.

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