Skill Development Training and Placement Programs in Delhi

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Labour markets play the pivot role in understanding the economy and social development of the country and consequentially widen the scope of a continual movement into the system.

In today’s market of globalization, Skill Development is an important tool to build the efficacy of the labor for quality productivity and growth of the economy. India by virtue of its demographic advantage has a huge potential workforce of average 29 years which is much higher than that of advanced economic countries but records as low as 5% of the total workforce are having employability skill as opposed to 60%-90% skilled labor out of the total workforce in the developed countries.

Not only that the informal sector in India has booked 93% of the total workforce with no skilling mechanism. Viewing the challenges before India to reap its demographic advantages, Sum Drishti has taken various Skill Development Initiatives.

The Feature of the Skill Development Program

Sum Drishti believes in the philosophy and objectives framed by National Skill Development Corporation and we have taken different Skill India Programme to upgrade the standard through industry involvement that develops necessary framework for standard, curriculum, and quality assurance. The training curriculum not only helps to get the job within the country but also helps to compete in the international market. Skill Training courses involve practical experience, group discussion, brainstorming session, and case studies to enable the candidates’ employability skill, management skill, behavioral skill, and personal skill.

Advantages of Skill Development Program

Through training candidates get the following benefits that help in placement program:

Increase Productivity :

Skill development training increases the quality and quantity of the productivity of an organization which reduces wastage of resources and saves money and time. Knowledge, awareness, and self-reliance build Youth Empowerment Skills that addresses the solution to the problems and lead to a quality of life.

Skill Development :

During the Vocational Training Courses at Sum Drishti, you will be able to develop a sense of teamwork that will help you in enhancing your talent and personality. You will be able to work even solely without any assistance from others which different companies prefer most during hiring the skilled person.

Improve Talent :

Our Skill Development In India program in consonance with the Prime Minister’s call for ‘Skill India’ will enable you to handle a turbulent situation with diverse personalities and multiple tasking with skill.

Women Empowerment :

Sum Drishti conscientiously formed Women Empowerment Ngo to protect the backward class women to be self-dependent and self-sufficient to remove them from the clutches of the evils of the society. Women will be able to work after training in different self-help groups, microcredit organizations, independent profit-making activities, and health centers which will improve their ultimate lifestyle.

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