Changing Lives with Agricultural Interventions

Agricultural activities have a potential impact on nutrition as well as health. Deficiency of nutrition and negative health condition develop different types of health problems like obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart diseases. Agricultural interventions include biofortification, dairy development, home gardening, fisheries and aquaculture, poultry farming and animal husbandry. We at Sum Drishti Educational Society, the non-profit organization which has the registration under the Society Registration Act, 1860, have taken initiatives to change the life of people in India with agricultural interventions as a part of Skill India Programme.

Impact of agricultural interventions

Agricultural interventions have a great impact on the household ability for producing, purchasing and consuming more, cheaper and better food. It helps to improve the well-being of people and economic growth. Agricultural intervention can generate economy-wide effects like increasing revenue of the government for funding development of infrastructure, health, and nutrition intervention programs. It helps to enhance the farmer’s knowledge for maintaining the crop diversity in higher level which linked with crop evolution. It also develops Skill Development initiatives providing knowledge, practices, technology for the improvement of soil fertility, water management, harvesting, storage, pest control, and processing. It encourages the farmers to participate in agro-tourism activities and to fulfil the market target by organizing associations and marketing fairs.

Soft skill training courses

We at Sum Drishti Educational Society provide soft skill training courses which offer several benefits and these benefits are:

  • Improve an effective communication skill with customer, co-workers, friends and family members.
  • Develop the skills for time management, goal setting and making the organization.
  • Improve the ability to take effective strategies for change and transition.
  • Build self-confidence and personality.
  • Increase the quality to make problem-solving and brainstorming strategies to over the hurdle in life.
  • Increase the youth empowerment skills.

Vocational education

Vocational education is essential to get better job opportunities and it helps to increase your skill levels, practical experiences, productivity, and job satisfaction. It helps to be specialized in your professional work and build the chances for better employment than the others. It supports an individual to be responsible and independent at the workplace and helps to develop your economic condition in an easy way. Our vocational training courses provide the practical skills which are essential to building the workforce in a faster way. The availability of efficient workers will enhance productivity and improve the economic condition of the country.

Finally, we at Sum Drishti Educational Society have taken different initiatives for the development of the people as well as our country, India.

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