Changing Lives with Agricultural Interventions

Agricultural activities have a potential impact on nutrition as well as health. Deficiency of nutrition and negative health condition develop different types of health problems like obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart diseases. Agricultural interventions include biofortification, dairy development, home gardening, fisheries and aquaculture, poultry farming and animal husbandry. We at Sum Drishti Educational Society, the non-profit organization which has the registration under the Society Registration Act, 1860, have taken initiatives to change the life of people in India with agricultural interventions as a part of Skill India Programme.

Impact of agricultural interventions

Agricultural interventions have a great impact on the household ability for producing, purchasing and consuming more, cheaper and better food. It helps to improve the well-being of people and economic growth. Agricultural intervention can generate economy-wide effects like increasing revenue of the government for funding development of infrastructure, health, and nutrition intervention programs. It helps to enhance the farmer’s knowledge for maintaining the crop diversity in higher level which linked with crop evolution. It also develops Skill Development initiatives providing knowledge, practices, technology for the improvement of soil fertility, water management, harvesting, storage, pest control, and processing. It encourages the farmers to participate in agro-tourism activities and to fulfil the market target by organizing associations and marketing fairs.

Soft skill training courses

We at Sum Drishti Educational Society provide soft skill training courses which offer several benefits and these benefits are:

  • Improve an effective communication skill with customer, co-workers, friends and family members.
  • Develop the skills for time management, goal setting and making the organization.
  • Improve the ability to take effective strategies for change and transition.
  • Build self-confidence and personality.
  • Increase the quality to make problem-solving and brainstorming strategies to over the hurdle in life.
  • Increase the youth empowerment skills.

Vocational education

Vocational education is essential to get better job opportunities and it helps to increase your skill levels, practical experiences, productivity, and job satisfaction. It helps to be specialized in your professional work and build the chances for better employment than the others. It supports an individual to be responsible and independent at the workplace and helps to develop your economic condition in an easy way. Our vocational training courses provide the practical skills which are essential to building the workforce in a faster way. The availability of efficient workers will enhance productivity and improve the economic condition of the country.

Finally, we at Sum Drishti Educational Society have taken different initiatives for the development of the people as well as our country, India.

Skill Training Changing the Vision

Indians across the world are known for their great potential and hard work in varied fields. We here at Sum Drishti through our skill India programme aim at rationalizing the full potential of people which will thereby help them in building their lives and career.

Building stronger roots

Education is the foundation for a brighter future. It throws the light of knowledge, refines our cognitive skills and thereof help in turning our vision into reality. Moreover, education is an important factor that assists in developing the country further.

Students in our programme are exposed to various vocational courses such as personality development that will directly prepare them in yielding excellent opportunities on the job front. These also include soft skills training, vocational training courses focusing on the development of society.

Progress of Women

Women happen to be the spine of any society. A society that lacks respect for women, where women are left untreated with no chance of exploring their potential is less likely to move upwards in the graph.

The skill development courses at Sum Drishti render women a platform for creating a niche for themselves in society. These courses include tailoring, interior decoration, hair styling, soap making, etc. to name a few. They are equipped with all the necessary resources and tools.

Foreseeing a brighter future

We through this programme ensure that all women achieve the required recognition, are given a platform for showcasing their skills and building their vision. In addition to women empowerment programmes, we also strive in giving maximum mileage to the present-day youth imbibing them with youth empowerment skills such as personality development and corporate development programme.

These multi-faceted programmes have helped many individuals, youth and women seep into their dreams and work along the lines of achieving them. This has largely helped in curbing the skill deficits found in developing countries like India, thereby offering a sound solution in bridging the income gap, the education gap in the society, moving towards a brighter India.

The progress of the country lies in how skilled are the citizens and how the knowledge is put into practice in growing further. Thus, we here at Sum Drishti comprehensively work in building a stronger India, through skilled citizens.

Skill Training Programmes for the Employment Women & Youth

A star in the sky gives light to its family members, the planets and as well as gives light to the universe so does a girl who gives light to her family members for their wellbeing and as well as gives light to the nation contributing their effort to the GDP. But the reality in India speaks an opposite truth where the girls are in an iron trap. The clutches of poverty pull them from the school and push them to do the household work. The childhood, adolescence, and the dream of life are burned into a crisp on the oven. Sumdrishti is continuously working and giving efforts through Ngo for Girl Child Education to make a bridge so that a girl can become a working lady and fulfil her dream in spite of ending her life in the kitchen through Youth Empowerment Skills.

Opportunities for the Women:
Women from the poor economic class are very much eager to develop their skills in order to maintain their livelihood but they are deprived to access such opportunities. Sumdrishti organizes Vocational Training Courses to develop traditional practices with modern skills so that they can participate in agricultural production and artisan products. They are trained in marketing, sales, and business skills through Women Empowerment Ngo to grow and develop their business.

Sumdrishti offers a variety of Vocational Education and as well as Soft Skills Training Courses depending on the scope and necessity of the women and also considering the employment opportunities in the area, which includes:
• Domestic work and nursing care
• Hospitality and housekeeping
• Beauty care
• Advanced and garment making
• Construction work
• Computer and digital awareness
• Business and entrepreneurship
In addition to skill developing, focus also given on:
• Attitude building and personality development
• Diversified exposure
• Career and guidance counselling
• Confidence building

Youth Development Programme:
Sumdridhti is continuously investing in the Skill India Programme so that the girls and women can participate more and more in the Skill Development in India activities across the country and accessing various programme for Skill Training can attain the financial independence for a better livelihood and better future. Sumdrishti also pays its attention to the qualities of Skill Development Initiatives so that a greater economic autonomy may come out through employment of women workforce that lifts the people up from below the poverty line. Viewing these, Sumdristhi designs the training curriculum in such a way that the skilled workforce will be able to meet the need of the employer, market, and economy as well.

Skill Up gradation Training Programmes for Livelihood Promotion

Skill Development in India is essential to stay with the rapid growth of the economy in the world. A huge amount of potential resource is needed to build up the ability to compete with the global workforce and to achieve the economic success globally in coming years. Due to this reason, the government of India along with big business houses and several NGOs are have started to take measures to gear up the skill revolution in India. They have launched Skill India Programme for the development of rural and urban people.

Objectives of the programme
There are so many objectives of the programme which has been taken as Skill Development Initiatives. Some of these objectives are:
• Enhance the empowerment of skills
• Build up the capability of the workers efficiently
• Support and encourage the entrepreneurship
• Introduce self-employment
• Create the opportunities for empowered people to build up their business
• Ensure better job opportunities
• Achievement of a new level of success
• Strengthen the economy of the country
• Make development of livelihood of the people
Activities of the programme
Some initiatives have been taken for the promotion of urban and rural livelihood in India. These are:

Skill Training: Agriculture-based skill training is considered as a part of the national rural livelihood mission in India. It helps the farmers to acquire the knowledge and skills for the improvement of the agricultural productivity. This training will provide them to apply the modern technology of the agriculture which will allow them to quality crops in a huge amount. As a result of this, they will be able to make potential earnings to improve their livelihood.

Training for women empowerment: Make the opportunities for education is the first thing to empower the women. This will affect not only a woman; it also affects their children and the surrounding environment. Education including technical and professional education will enhance the economic independence of the women. Women Empowerment NGO has taken an important role in the development of women in India. They provide essential equipment with the necessary skills to build opportunities for paid employment which results in the improvement of productivity, economic development, and improved income. All of these improvements will initiate a standard livelihood leading to healthier and well-nourished population.

Vocational training: A person can build the perfect skills and abilities to perform a specific job with the help of vocational training. Vocational Training Courses also provides the essential practical knowledge, guideline, and technique for the different types of fieldwork. It helps to improve the employment skills which are essential for getting the better job opportunities. It also supports to be self-employment and introduce the entrepreneurship. Vocational education will introduce more skilled workforce to innovate and build up the new ideas to combat the challenges and to make a powerful economic condition of the country.

Vocational Education Training by Social Welfare Organization

Vocational education includes the education which makes people efficient for doing various types of works. It is also called as career-oriented education or technical education. This training is essential for a specific vocation in agriculture or trade or industry.

We at Sum Drishti Educational Society (SDES) have established our presence over seven states with more than 125 centers for vocational education and training as well as the skill development. Our aim is to prepare people for a specific trade or craft which influences the Personality Development Programme by yielding opportunities for livelihood.

Reasons for making vocational training

  • Vocational courses are valuable to yield skilled persons for the future workforce.
  • Establish the creative outlet for the aspirants who have an interest in career-oriented specific education instantly.
  • Vocational Training courses provide helps in maintaining the perfect competitiveness through the provision for getting multi-entry and the mobility of standard job.
  • This training enhances the opportunities for employability by the development of Youth Empowerment Skills.
  • It develops the excellence of all types of occupations to establish the growth for the social as well as the economic health of our society.
  • It also gives the support to an individual to build self-employment.
  • It enhances the skill development in India offering the maximum mileage for the empowerment of the youth as well as the women through the various skill training courses, Soft Skills Training Courses, Vocational Training Courses etc.

Sum Drishti Education Society (SDES), a famous social welfare organization, provide vocational training for making the people financially independent. It also helps in breaking the poverty in the society, building the self-respect, getting confidence for winning the challenges to find out the better opportunities in life.

It makes the advancement of women which initiates the girl’s child education. We are also renowned for an NGO For Girls Child Education. When a girl of a slum area is able to establish a better socio-economic life, there is a great impact for the improvement of the perception of the girl child among her surrounding neighbors rather than hundred lectures or millions of pamphlets.

We also provide soft skill training courses which relate to the employee’s ability to establish social grace as well as communication abilities. It is essential for being successful in the workplace. The soft skill training includes different areas like problems solving, leadership and management, communication skills, time management, business etiquette, emotional intelligence, presentation skills, interpersonal skills etc.

How you can contribute to the social welfare organization

  • You can make a donation to Sum Drishti Educational Society (SDES) for running the Vocational Training Programme according to your wish.
  • You can make a sponsorship for a new Vocational Training Centre or contact us through our website address and join your hands with us for the development of our society.